A unique approach to unique problems

Every person is unique. Whether you want to get rid of pain and continue to feel great, or you need to restore your lost movement skills, or improve the psychomotor development of your children, our professionals will guide you on this journey.

We do not shoot in the dark. We use hi-tech, noninvasive methods for diagnostics, including Formetric 4D and Matscan.

Who do we help?

We focus on three areas

The general public and athletes

We will identify the cause of your problems, whether it is because of a sedentary job or an overload in sport. Common issues include back pain, sports injuries such as tennis elbow, shoulder pain, rehabilitation following fractures etc.

Serious injuries 

In case of spinal cord injury, brain injury or other serious injuries, we will work with you long-term to help restore any lost abilities. Our goal is step by step, to guide you back to your normal life, as self-sufficiently as possible.

Paediatric physiotherapy

You can find specialist paediatric physiotherapists in our team. Cerebral palsy, scoliosis, bad posture or paediatric developmental problems are our main professional interests. Let's work together to improve the health of your child.

Global physiotherapy experience in Brno

Alex Floyd

+420 732 104 413



Alex qualified in Physiotherapy at Curtin University (Australia) in 1993, during which time he coached and played tennis to a national level. He gained initial work experience over several years in hospitals and private clinics in Australia and the US.

Since 1997 Alex has specialised in musculoskeletal Physiotherapy. He has worked with elite level tennis, basketball and rugby players, including at the Hopman Cup international tennis in Perth and the Bupa Great Run series in the UK.
Alex completed his Master of Manipulative Therapy degree in Perth in 2001. He was involved with clinical physiotherapy teaching with Curtin University for several years and has published research on lower back pain in the international journal 'Spine'.

Alex has a special interest in the management of lower back pain, particularly in those suffering from chronic pain. He also has extensive experience in the rehabilitation of sports injuries, and an interest in shoulder and knee injuries and those associated with racquet sports.

Educational and Work Experience

1990-1993 Ba Science (Physiotherapy - Curtin University, Western Australia)
2001 Master of Manipulative Therapy (Curtin University, Western Australia)
1994-2000 Work experience in a variety of private clinics and hospital settings in both Australia and the US (1995/96)
2002-2005 Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist - Cambridge Physiotherapy Clinic / Clinical teaching for Curtin University, Western Australia
2004-2005 Worked at Hopman Cup International Tennis Tournament, Perth, Australia
2005-2006 Joondalup Hospital and Fremantle Hospital, Perth, Western Australia
2007-2018 Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist and London Lead Physiotherapist, Bupa Health Clinics, London, United Kingdom

Postgraduate Courses

Tendon injury and tendinopathy lecture series
Management of chronic low back pain - numerous courses and training.
Mulligan's joint mobilisation courses
Clinical Pilates mat-work level 1
Dry needling level 1 and 2 courses
Management of complex shoulder conditions and other training in shoulder rehab
Management of cervico-genic headache
Treatment of anterior knee pain / patello-femoral pain - a number of courses
Attendance at many musculoskeletal and sports medicine conferences

Our philosophy in six points

Our approach to physiotherapy is based on six principles

1. Early, accurate and clear information

We will always talk to you openly and honestly. We will explain exactly where the problem is, the treatment possibilities, and together we will agree on the next steps.

2. It all starts with top quality diagnostics

Quality carerequires an understanding of the problem that our modern diagnostic methods will provide with a clear visualization of the examination results.

Besides classical physiotherapeutic examinations based on the skill of the physiotherapist, we are unique in Brno in using modern technology and diagnostics equipment - Formetric4D and Matscan.

3. Professional therapists

That's the most essential thing. We share knowledge and best practices across the team. Each of us specializes in a specific area, so we are always able to provide the best possible treatment.

4. Long-term work in context

We always try to solve acute problems right away. But sometimes the condition doesn't allow that. In that case we provide long-term cooperation. We will identify the cause, explain the consequences and based on that we will formulate and suggest a treatment plan.

5. A new approach to treating children

Members of our team focus primarily on paediatric physiotherapy. We offer treatment that is highly effective, and specifically designed for the treatment of children.

We combine early diagnosis with long-term care in conjunction with your child's development. . We can work with you regularly and as often as the situation requires.

6. Quickness and convenience

We live in the 21st century and we believe that services should be modern and efficient . We make sure that the waiting time is as short as possible, both in the waiting room, and to book an appointment. . You can book an appointment in several ways - online bookings, phone or by email.

How it works in 3 steps?

1. Schedule your appointment
You can use a variety of ways to schedule an appointment. You can book online, or just call or e-mail.

2. Evaluation, diagnosis and treatment
When you first come to our clinic, we will do a thorough and professional assessment, discuss the findings with you, and then suggest a treatment plan.

3. Plan next steps
If your issues require further cooperation, we will discuss the treatment options and plan the next steps with you.

Our focus is to get you better and help you stay in peak condition. We provide the tools to stay healthy and well - with professional advice and modern exercise approaches.


Price is per one hour session.

Initial consultation

Initial consultation: 1 200 CZK
Initial consultation with Formetric 4D + Matscan: 2999 CZK

Further consultation/treatment
Adults: 1 100 CZK
Children: 1 000 / 900 CZK


I have mild Scoliosis that leads to periodic back pain and stiffness. In London I tried many different chiropractors, osteopaths, physiotherapists and massage therapists to deal with this and Alex was by far the best. I was treated by Alex over a period of 5 years whenever my back pain flared up (usually a few sessions every 3 months). He is extremely personable and professional and has an in-depth knowledge of the various bones and muscles and how they interact with each other. Alex is very much in tune with what the client is feeling and works with each individual client type to determine the treatment that works best. I always walk out of appointments feeling much better. He also gave me physio exercises for me to do at home that were easy for me to incorporate in my life, as well as recommending activities/sports that help manage my condition, many of these I continue to do today.

- Ling Foo, banking industry. London

Alex is a brilliant physiotherapist. He is very experienced and friendly and knows how to put his patients at ease. He treated me for almost 4 years and all throughout he has really focused on understanding my issues and concerns and provided me with the best rehab options. Alex has also been very particular in explaining the thinking behind the treatment plan at every stage of the process. I couldn't recommend him more. 

- Somnanth Basu, finance industry. London


The best way to reach us is to use public transport to Hlavni nadrazi. If you need parking you can use the parking lot next to the post office. 

4D Fyzioterapie

Masarykova 37, Brno, 602 00

+420 732 104 413 

+420 732 104 413 -  Alex Floyd


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