Every person is unique. If you want to get rid of pain and feel good for a long time or you need to restore your lost movement skills or improve psychomotor development of your children, our professionals will help you on this journey.

For diagnostics, we use hi-tech noninvasive methods. Formetric 4D and Matscan help us to set accurate diagnosis and not shoot in the dark. 

All of our physiotherapists speak English.

Who do we help?

We are focused on these three basic PT topics

General public and athletes

We will identify the cause of your problems, whether it is because of a sedentary job or an overload in sport. Together we will find a way to your active lifestyle without pain. 

Serious injuries 

In case of spinal cord injury, brain injury or other serious injuries, we will work with you long-term to restore lost abilities. Our goal is to guide you back to the normal life as self-sufficient as you can, even in small steps.

Children physiotherapy

You can find specialists on children's physiotherapy in our team. Cerebral palsy, scoliosis, bad posture are our main professional interests. Let's work together to improve the health of your child. 

Our team

Alex Floyd

Specialist in Sports and Myoskeletal Medicine

David Janousek

Specialist on athletes and children diagnostics

Lukas Katzer

Specialist for athletes and orthopedics and traumatology

Tomas Debowski

Specialist for working with children and serious injuries

Petra Lacinova

Specialist for working with children and serious injuries


The best way to reach us is use public transport to Hlavni nadrazi. If you need parking you can use the parking lot next to the post office. 

4D Fyzioterapie

Masarykova 37, Brno, 602 00

+420 721 259 846

+420 732 104 413 - Alex Floyd
+420 774 210 223 - Tomáš Debowski
+420 704 753 115 - Petra Lacinová
+420 608 168 690 - David Janoušek
+420 775 922 755 - Lukáš Katzer